Trimming and Shaping

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Call Adams Tree Service today for your Free Tree Trimming and Shaping Plan. Trimming and Shaping trees helps to promote tree health, hazard reduction, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your trees and property. Our professionals will work with you to develop a Tree Trimming and Shaping Plan which is based on tree species, your property typography and tree trimming and shaping method. Your Tree Trimming and Shaping Plan is the ‘roadmap’ that we’ll use to work with you to achieve your desired effect.

In most cases, we recommend our ‘Spiral Trimming’ technique to customers rather than simply ‘topping’ trees when trimming is required. Spiral Trimming is the most popular method to trim trees and entails the removal of branches in a circular fashion for the length of the tree. Your trees retain their original shape but are less dense with the removal of heavy branch masses when using this tree trimming and shaping technique.

In addition, did you know that trimming and shaping trees using the spiral trimming method is considerably less evasive then topping a tree? Trees which have been topped tend to be more susceptible to disease, as well as damage from extreme weather conditions. Moreover, topped trees tend to direct growth horizontally, which in time, results in heavy branch masses and a more urgent requirement to address your original problem of dense, unhealthy trees!

Contact Adams Tree Service in your area for your Free Tree Trimming and Shaping Plan to improve your view and aesthetic appeal of your trees.