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Tree Removal Experts

Vancouver Island is home to over 20 species of trees which include some of the most majestic and largest species on our planet such as the massive Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. Our priority is to do our part to preserve these and all other species of trees. Need help to identify tree species on your property? Click here for a great resource on the different types of trees you’ll find on Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia. 

However, there are situations which can affect the health and stability of these trees, which may be caused by disease and damage from sever weather. In the event a tree must be removed, the professionals at Adams Tree Service are experts in assessing and determining your tree removal requirements.

Please do not attempt to remove a tree unless you are trained to do so. Tree removal is dangerous, physically demanding and NOT a job that should be tackled by a homeowner unless you’re an experienced ‘faller’. Especially when a tree that must be removed is within striking distance of other buildings or structures on your property.

Removing trees in ‘tight-quarters’ is our speciality, so please leave these dangerous jobs to the professionals at Adams Tree Service. With years of experience we’re experts at tree removal in constrained spaces. Indeed, we guarantee the job will be completed safely with zero impact to the surrounding area.     

Adams Tree Service provides Free on-site visits to assess your specific tree reduction or removal requirements and will develop the best plan to suit your Tree Removal needs. We’ll help you obtain the Permits and other documentation which may be required by municipalities and other government agencies prior to starting your tree removal plan.

Call Adams Tree Service located in your area for your Free Tree Removal assessment… and keep in mind we provide ‘around-the-clock’ 24/7 Emergency Services for dangerous tree removal.