Tree Removal Guidelines

All species of trees are vital in maintaining the beauty and ‘eco-health’ of your property and the city that you reside in. However, there are times when trees must be removed in cases where they are diseased, damaged, or are located too close to buildings or other structures and pose a risk to people and property. Adams Tree Service frequently assists property owners obtain the necessary Tree Removal Permits, which may be required prior to commencing a Tree Removal Project, in most Vancouver Island locations. 

In the Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island area some jurisdictions require permits for cutting, pruning and altering trees in addition to tree removal, so please be sure to check your local requirements prior to commencing your tree project. In some cases, these restrictions even apply to dying or dead protected trees, so it’s very important that you check the Tree Removal Guidelines for the locations listed here. The professionals at Adams Tree Service recommend that you contact us with any questions regarding the procedures for obtaining the necessary Tree Removal Permits prior to commencing your tree trimming, tree pruning or tree removal project.