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Adams Tree Services has been operating mini-excavators for several years to assist our experts ‘on the ground’ with moving timber and debris accumulated during Lot Clearing and other jobs. An excavator is a ‘must’ to remain efficient on certain job sites.  

However, unless operated by an expert even a mini-excavator can cause significant collateral damage to the terrain, trees and other vegetation in the work area. Adams Tree Services employees are highly-skilled operators. We take all factors into consideration to ensure we complete the job, but also leave the jobsite with minimal impact. We’ve have so many requests for excavating services that we now offer mini-excavating as a stand-alone service.

Our professional operators provide general excavation services such as trenching, ditching and debris clean-up. Our zero-clearance mini-excavators operate within inches of a structure, so we also often perform drain tile and water line excavating adjacent to structures.

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