Without periodic trimming and shaping hedges will become overgrown and gangly and are often an eyesore to and otherwise beautiful property. The team at Adams Tree Service is equipped with a wide-range of tools including the latest ‘long-reach’ articulating hedge […]

Hedge Trimming

Has your once-prized water view been reduced to water ‘glimpses’?  If so, contact Adams Tree Service. Our Professionals will drop-by and provide a free estimate outlining the best approach to trim your trees, large shrubs and hedges, in order to reclaim your […]

View Enhancement

Vancouver Island is considered a temperate rain-forest where over 20 native species of trees flourish! Commercial tree-harvesting aside, there are occasions when there is a requirement to reduce tree cover, or remove trees, due in most cases to commercial and […]

Tree Removal

The Team at Adams Tree Service routinely provides tree removal services to customers clearing lots for new residential buildings. Our experts will work with you to develop and implement a selective tree removal plan which will yield the necessary space for […]

Lot Clearing

Call Adams Tree Service today for a Free Assessment and Plan outlining an approach to trim and prune your trees to ensure tree health, hazard reduction, while at the same time, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your trees and enhancing […]

Trimming and Shaping